How to prevent others from adding you to WhatsApp Groups

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How to prevent others from adding you to WhatsApp Groups

Before you add a friend to WhatsApp Groups, you will need to know how to prevent others from adding you to the groups. WhatsApp Groups is a great way to stay in touch with your friends or colleagues without the need for you to talk to them.

Ok, let’s say you get a message saying: “Hey there, what’s up.” Your reply is: “What?” The whole point of WhatsApp Groups is that you can send a message to a group and stay anonymous without the recipient knowing the sender.

When you get this message, you reply: “Oh, no!” and guess what? You get a second message, stating that your friend has added you to the group.

So, you reply again: “Huh, did I have this friend before? Oh, ok. You can add me now!”

It is as if you are both following the same rule. Does this make sense? Well, WhatsApp does not tell you what these rules are.

After the second message, you continue to send messages to the group, hoping that the new friend will change the group to your group. That hope is dashed after a day or two. The new friend states that he wants to join the group and he can confirm this by adding you.

You reply: “Oh no, I don’t want you to add me. Can you give me the details of the group?”

The new friend replies: “Well, I don’t want to mess up your group.” Now, you are clearly getting down to business. You have to be careful not to put yourself in the awkward position of either admitting to the problem or wanting to take it away from them.

The last thing you want to do is tell the group’s owner that you have added you and without giving the recipient a chance to respond, you must remove the name. It is then important to go back to the original text, delete the group and add the group.

In some situations, this method of removing someone can bring instant success. You could even meet your new friend in a different group. However, it is best to give the person time to make a decision.

When you use the above tips, you will have avoided this problem. However, the chances of this being an issue are much less when you use WhatsApp Groups with multiple people.

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