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Welcome to HotTempMail | Temporary Email Address

If you are trying to stay hidden within the Internet, there are few effective tools that you should use. Using a temporary email address that you can get from is one of the best options available for you to consider.

When you are using a temporary email ID generator, you can use an alternative email to sign up with different offers and websites that you come across on the internet, instead of real email address. As a result, you can effectively beat spam and keep your real email inbox away from spam emails.

What is Hot Temp Mail?

Hot Temp Mail is a temporary email ID generator. Any person who wants to get hands on a temporary email address, regardless of the specific reason can think about using Hot Temp Mail. The temporary email address that you can get out of Hot Temp Mail will be able to act similar to a real email address. However, you will only be able to use it for a short time period, where you can get your requirement catered.

You can use the email address given by the fake email generator for any given purpose. The email address is stored in a secure database. Therefore, we also make sure that no other person can gain access to your emails that are stored in our database.

Why should you use Hot Temp Mail?

Hot Temp Mail is not the only temporary fake email generator that you can find on the internet. However, you can receive a large number of benefits by going forward with our tool. Here is a list of some of the most prominent benefits that you can get from the Hot Temp Mail temporary email generator.

  1. You can get a custom username for the email
  2. The temporary email address you get can be kept for lifetime.
  3. You will be able to use the temporary email address again.
  4. You have the freedom to create many email addresses as much as possible.
  5. You can use these email addresses to verify accounts as per your preferences.
  6. You will get notification alerts in real time.
  7. We provide email addresses from multiple domains to you.

How can you create a temporary email address?

Our temporary email generator is simple and effective. You will be able to use it with ease to get your requirements catered.

All you have to do is to visit our website and then click on the random button. Then you can get an email address created. This temporary email address can then be copied and used for any preferred purpose. All the emails that you get will be listed on the same page. The emails will be updated in real time, just as in your ordinary email inbox.

Once you get your job done, you have the freedom to dispose the email address as well.

Why should you use the Hot Temp Mail temporary email ID generator?

Hide your real email address

You would not want to use your real email address in all the websites that you come across on the internet. For example, when you are searching for something on the internet, you would come across a website that asks for your registration. But you have no intensions on registering with that site and using it in the future. In such a situation, you can simply visit a temporary email website, get a disposable email and use it.

Do a prank

Last but not least, you will be able to use the disposable email to do a prank on someone. Even though doing a prank with a fake email address seem to be a bit outdated, you can get plenty of fun with it. You will be able to select the email address of someone popular and send out a message to one of your friends. It depends on your creativity to get the best possible results.

Fight against spam

If you want to keep your original email address away from spam, you can use a temporary email address that you can get out of Hot Temp Mail as well.